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sign painting

Alriiiighty! Here's how we're gunna do this...

You've got a chalkboard / a window / a wall / etc.

You've got an epic special / a new menu / an awesome product...

I'm going to work with you to create a design that will get your business noticed by your customers.

I truly believe that no two businesses are the same, which means that I ask you a series of questions to understand what it is that you want to communicate to your clients.

The creative process varies for each project- sometimes I design directly on the surface, while other times I create digital drafts for you to check over before I start painting. But we will discuss all of that before you book me.

I use a range of techniques and mediums to achieve the final artwork.

So if you need weather-proof signage- I gotchyu!

If you need temporary designs that can easily be removed- I gotchyu!

If you need custom colours & fonts to match your branding- yep, I gotchyu!

Scroll through the gallery below- I've added the locations so you can do a drive-by if you wanna see my work out in the wild.

And when you're ready, let me know some deets about what you need and I'll get in touch with some ideas and a quote.

I can't freaking WAIT to hear all about it!

x Lish

paint smudge.png


Get in touch so we can chat about how

I can make your business EPIC!


Ready to get noticed by your customers?

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