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sign painting

Alriiiighty! Here's how we're gunna do this!


You've got a chalkboard / a window / a wall / etc

You've got an epic special / a new menu / an awesome new product...

I'm going to work with you to create something vibrant and super eye-catching.

All I need to know is what you need me to write and I will do the rest (of course, you can get involved if you like!). I usually design the layout directly onto the surface, but if you need something more detailed I can do a sketch on paper for you to check over first.


I use high-pigment paints that are suitable for outdoors, with vibrant colours that will go the distance even in sun-exposed areas. When you need a refresh, just paint over it and I'll pop in to do new design for you.

And that's pretty much it!

Check out some of my designs below, or pop over to my Insta page @signwriting_ink_and_snow

Or, if you wanna see my stuff in real-life, head to Georgetown Cellars,

Fennell Bay Cellars and Bottlemart Warners Bay Hotel.

x Lish

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Get in touch so we can chat about how

I can make your business EPIC!

Pricing starts from $45 per sign (minimum spend of $120).

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