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Sending out

new invites?


I've made some templates to help you create SUPER PROFESH

hand-written envelopes like these!

Grab yourself a big old glass of wine and your new envelopes.

Your FREE template downloads are waiting for you!



It's here. It's happened.

Here's how I plan to manage this going forward. 

Obviously the situation is constantly evolving, and the effects are taking shape in many different ways.  But for now, and this is more specifically for our couples who have had weddings/events affected by this, here's the plan.


If you’ve had to reschedule


Yep, totally understand that!


If I’ve already made your order for your upcoming event and some amendments need to be made, please get in touch. If a date needs to be removed, a guest can’t make it etc, there are ways that we can make changes to your existing signs.


If I haven’t started working on your order and you feel that there may need to be some design adjustments (ie the date on a welcome sign, guests on a seating plan etc) let me know as soon as you can.


If you need to reschedule, but you don’t have a new date confirmed yet, that’s totally ok! Just let me know  if you're planning to reschedule and I will hold your booking for you until you have a new date.


You’re going ahead as planned



I will be in the studio working on your designs as discussed. Touch base with me anyway to let me know that everything will proceed as planned.


I hope that you’re all safe and well during this extremely pressing time. I’ll be here if you need to chat.


Chat soon,

x Lish

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