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Hey there!

My name is Alisha, but all my friends call me Lish (yes of course you can call me that, we're pretty much besties now!)

I'm a wayward Novacastrian, living in the lakeside town of Boolaroo with my Italian husband.  My ideal day is rolling down to the beach, grabbing a coffee (iced latte please!), eating tacos for lunch, followed by afternoon adventures and sunset wines.

I'm a full-time artist and sign painter, and I am OBSESSED with making everything by hand, the old-school way! You will pretty much find a paintbrush, chalk stick or a pen in every room in my house, because creating is my JAM!

Back in 2015 I started Ink & Snow as a hobby, where painting little signs for friends and family has now bloomed into full time sign painting, collaborations with Westfield, personalising candles for Glasshouse and painting wedding signs for hundreds of couples.

Ink & Snow is an epic wild-ride that totally lights my fire! Creating completely unique pieces, all by hand (okay, I think you got that bit, right?!), and to helping you bring your signage visions to life is legit my fave thing ever.


So tell me, whatchya got planned for my next project?


x Lish

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